When we go away or on holiday, we come across different ‘bugs’. In other words, bacteria and other organisms in food and water. And, of course we may not be used to it, leading to all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms. Some of us seem more susceptible too, and it’s especially annoying when your friends or family are fine, while you end up spending your time in the bathroom, rather than exploring your destination.

Making sure your own live bacteria in your gut are optimal can really help. Those live gut bacteria can help to neutralise the other bacteria you come into contact with. It’s just what they do. So, topping up with live bacteria products may help when you go on holiday and are an essential thing to put on your packing list!

But aren’t the bacteria destroyed by heat, so in a warm country, and need to be kept in the fridge? Often the stronger ones, do, but you can use our new shelf stable Everyday BioAcidophilus as it maintains its potency until end of shelf life without being chilled. It’s also in a convenient blister pack which makes it easier to take with you wherever you go.

Even our refrigerated products will maintain their high potency when not refrigerated for a short period, if you prefer to use them, especially if you use them quickly.

So, don’t let the high temperatures put you off and make sure you take your live bacteria with you!